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Cycling safety

17 May

Whether you bike on the road or the sidewalk, it is important to always be vigilant and aware. I am a big supporter of cyclists. However, cyclists must realize they are vehicles but are only protected by their helmets. They are not encased in metal like cars, trucks, and vans. So the only defense and protection they have is vigilance and a good helmet.

Mark was hit by a car yesterday afternoon. He is alright but has bad “burn” on his arm from rubbing up against the vehicle.

He’ll survive; I think it was just a bit shook up.

I’m still working on the physical part of my taper week. But another part of tapering is visualizing your triathlon and transition.

So what to visualize?

  1. What will your pace be coming out of the water running into T1?
  2. In what order will you put your clothes, shoes, helmet, sunglasses?
  3. What about your entry into T2? Remember to keep your helmet on your head until you’ve racked your bike.
  4. How will your run start? What will your pace be to start and finish?

These are all things to keep in mind and visualize. You can even practice running in and out of “transition” in your living room and the morning of the triathlon.

Here’s a photo of Jeff being a pig – waiting for more food that he won’t get.