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Post Marathon Reflexion

26 Oct

I’ve had four days to recover and reflect. I’ve thought about my performance: what I could and should have done and also what I won’t do in the future. I’ve also thought about my nutrition, both before and during the run. What I’ve come to realize is that hindsight is always 20/20. I’ve done this with all my races and it’s hard to let go. I always say to myself: “I should have x, y,  and z.”  It normally results to “I should have ran faster” or “I shouldn’t have walked for that long.” Or whatever it may be, we all chastise ourselves for “shortcomings” during a race.

But I have to tell myself: “Hey, you were running a marathon! Don’t focus on what you should have done – focus what you have done! There is always next time.”

In regards to any future marathon, or long distance race, there are a few things that I will and will not do:

  1. I will never, if possible, run a long distance race alone. Running is incredibly lonely. Those hours on course get into your head and weigh down your motivation. I found I was a lot more motivated and kept a steady pace when I was running along side someone. However, it’s hard to guarantee that you will find a running buddy on course. So in the future, I will plan to participate in an event with a friend.
  2. I will pack more nutrition. I found that my 1 gel and 4 Powerbar gummies weren’t enough. I had Gatorade but my body wanted substance. Luckily there were jelly beans on course. A quick sugar fix that I might use in the future.
  3. I will always thank volunteers and spectators. Those people took the time to hand you water/Gatorade or anything else and cheer you on so I’m sure they appreciate a thank you. Of course most spectators are there to see a loved one or friend pass by, but they still chose to applaud, ring a cowbell or cheer you on nonetheless.
  4. I will not judge a runner by his/her size or age. Runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages. We’re all at the start line for the same reason so lets all be friends.
  5. I will have fun and enjoy the experience. Race day is your day. You have trained for months, made countless sacrifices, put your body through all kinds of strain and now is the time to enjoy the moment.
  6. I will pair travel and racing. There is no better way to enjoy  new scenery than to run through it. Participating in endurance events is a great way to see a new city or part of a country that you have always wanted.  You can run a race and stay the following few days to take in the sights and eat the local food.

Photography provided by Mark. American Niagara Falls and Peace Bridge.

In hindsight, there are certain things I wish I would have done during my marathon. But most of all, I’m happy that I accomplished the marathon distance. It is not so much an unattainable distance anymore. I know I can run it again and I most certainly will  in the next year. Stay tuned for that decision and training schedule in the next few weeks.


Easter Road Trip to the North

8 Apr

Mark, Jeff and I made the long drive to Timmins Thursday afternoon.  We made the quick trip to visit family and friends as we don’t know when we’ll be able to back up north.  We had two lovely dinners with family and friends.  Friday night, we had my parents and Mark’s mom for dinner.  It was a completely vegetarian meal that was tasty and flavourful.

Saturday we had a bbq at Mark’s house. We also introduced Jeff to the outside. We tied him to a leash and he was very confused.

So as you can see, Jeff is our cat.  He is quite the character.  Only an indoor, apartment cat – we brought him outside while we bbq’d and he had so many distractions he didn’t know where or what to explore first. So this was the result in the car the next day on our way back to Ottawa:

He was pretty tuckered out. He slept half of the trip between Mark and I on top of the emergency break (I don’t know how comfortable that could have been).

So training took a bit of a back seat this weekend.  I did two work outs but they were not very intensive but I ran for 20 mins both days and did 20 mins of weight training.  I spent a lot of time with my mom so that meant shopping! I was impressed when I fit in a size 6 pants (yay me!). I bought a few outfits for work (as I no longer have any nice clothes that fit). I’m starting a three week placement on Tuesday so I would like to look presentable.

Two more days until the end of the 10lb shred.  Final weigh-in and measurements on Tuesday and I’m totally ready!