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Four Weeks until Race Day

4 Jun

As I approach the final four weeks of training for the Half Ironman in Peterborough, there is rarely a time when I am not either training or thinking about the race. My days either begin or end with some kind of training – swimming, running or cycling. Although I am enjoying pushing myself I have to admit I will be happy when I cross that finish line. I’m four weeks out and I’ve already started race dreams. I don’t think I was having race dreams this far out from the marathon!

I cycled 90km today and I have to admit that I had a great ride with a smoking time! It was a tough ride filled with hills. They were rolling hills but steeper than your average rolling hills. If I would have known that I would not have mapped my route on such roads. But that’s what you get when you live beside the Escarpment.


To get a better look at the route, you may need to click on the image. In hindsight, while looking at the elevation map, it doesn’t seem so bad. But after 50k and another 40 to go – those hills seemed like mountains.

I’m slowly getting everything ready for race day. I rented a wetsuit from a local tri shop. I would have liked to buy my own but renting a wetsuit for $40 instead of purchasing one for $200 makes way more financial sense.

I’m also prepping myself mentally because the course for both the bike and the run are out and back courses. I think the course will be toughest on the run. So what I’ve started doing is going on long runs that are out and backs. Sunday, after work, I ran 6km down one road and ran back the same way. This particular route did not seem long because of the hills and the farm animals in the fields. I swear some of the cows and horses were looking at me thinking “What is this crazy human running from?” If only I had an answer.


Ottawa Race Weekend

27 May

This weekend was a busy one for Ottawa! Thousands of runners flocked to the nation’s capital for numerous running events: 2k, 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon.

Mark and I hosted and cheered on a few members of family for their running events. We sat backed and cheered (which I believe is sometimes just as hard as running).

Hundreds of runners running the half or full marathon (they converged on to the same route at the end)

And on the note of running marathons, I have decided which marathon will be my first: the Niagara Falls International Marathon

Niagara Falls International Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K

The Niagara Falls International Marathon is the only marathon in the world that starts in one country and finishes in an other. It is mostly a “downhill” run with only one incline. I have 5 months to train – it is October 21st. I’m really looking forward to start training and even more excited for the race itself! I will keep you updated with my training schedule and progress. I’m gonna need a lotta support for this one!

So you want to run a marathon, eh?

23 Apr

So you think you can put in all those hours and kilometres of training? You think you can tough out the blisters and chaffing?  What about that 32km wall? To that I reply: HECK YES I CAN DO IT!

I’ve been thinking about running a marathon for the last few weeks. I’ve been considering training, location of the race, those long distances – and still the idea is appealing. About six months ago when running a marathon was maybe a possibility of an idea, I told myself “If ever I ran a marathon, it would be the original marathon in Greece from Marathon to Athens.” I was partially giving myself that goal because I knew it was more on the unlikely side therefore I didn’t have to be serious. But I started looking into various locations closer to home that I could run a marathon.

The final nail in the coffin came yesterday when I received a message from my good friend Natalie:

“I did something crazy and signed up for the Hamilton Marathon! I have 28 weeks to train for it!”

Now I can’t not run a marathon! I haven’t decided if I will run the Hamilton Marathon.  It would be close to home but not the most exciting and exotic location. In the end, it’s the most realistic location.

Following a conversation with Mark, this is what I’ve decided: I will begin to train for a marathon and once we have a better idea of what we’re doing/where we’re going in September, I can decide on a marathon location.  I will begin to log my training distances as well as any difficulties and accomplishments I come across on this crazy journey.

Wish me luck!

Where’s the motivation?

9 Apr

I have a serious case of the Monday blahs… Thankfully, I am not scheduled for school or work today.  I woke up with a sore throat and feeling really drained (despite sleeping for 10hrs). I think my body is trying to fight off a cold which is leaving me fatigued and unmotivated.  But I know, I can’t spend my day reading on the couch.  So, it’s time for some motivational videos.

The first was introduced to me by my good friend, Natalie. Ben Does Life

This video is motivating for me. It gets me really excited to start race season and compete.  Although I am not training for an Ironman, this video portrays the the ups and downs of any athlete on race day.  Life of a Triathlete

The story of Rick and Dick Hoyt is truly inspirational.  Rick Hoyt is physically challenged and unable to compete in endurance events. So his father, Dick, swims, bikes, and runs with his son so he can compete. They have competed in multiple running and triathlon events across the U.S. This video is really neat and moving.  You can see the joy is Rick’s face as he and his father are competing.  And Dick’s determination is extremely inspiring and moving; there is no way you can sit on your couch after watching this video. Team Hoyt

After watching those videos, it’s time to start packing my gym bag for a swim. I have regained motivation and I must remember that I need to get out of my comfort zone.  Comfort zone is reading on the couch for the afternoon.  Swimming for 30-45mins will bring me that much closer to my goal and forces me out of what feels natural.

The end of the crazy-busyness

30 Mar

So I’ve been pretty busy in the last week (yet again). It feels like a re-occurring theme every week. But, things should start to slow down.

I unfortunately finished my contract with the National Capital Commission. I had been working there for seven months. I worked in a beautiful library that had not been updated since its creation. I sat at a large wooden desk that I’m sure every library in the 80’s was equipped with. But I loved it! I worked mostly independently and built a small little clientele. Regulars came in daily and I got to know a few quite well.  The NCC library is primarily a history and art/architecture library. We have very old material as well as very recent reports that are well used within the organization. We also often catered to external clients (students, researchers) who were always a pleasure to work with. I will miss the NCC library and all the people I worked with over the last few months. I will miss my large, wooden desk, the decoration card catalog shelf and all the old and rare manuscripts on display. But mostly, I will miss the work and the people. However, as they say: life goes on.  And it’s time for me to open a new chapter.

I will be working at the University of Ottawa for a few weeks on placement and then I will be done school. It is a bit of a scary thought but I am so ready!  I really want to take my knowledge learned from school and apply it! Such as the knowledge I gained from this assignment!

This is a mini exhibit we had so much fun making in a course called Special Collections. We worked with folios from a manuscript of a Book of Hours and focused on one aspect of the piece (here focused on art). We had a great time creating this and it only took 2hrs with 4 people working on it – I call it efficiency!

But now onto other things, the 10lb Shred is still going. I have not been following Tommy Europe’s meal plan but I have been controlling my portions and eating the same amount as he recommends. So despite not being the same food, it is essentially the same intake. I have been working out 6 days a week at different intensities – depending on the training. After tonight, I will have done 3 days in a row of spinning (ow! My bum!)

My first race is in 7 weeks! My training really needs to get ramped up so I am focusing on speed in all three disciplines. I will write up a training plan and share it with you! It should be posted by the end of the week.

Lunch time stroll

24 Mar

The weather was so beautiful that I needed to take advantage during my lunch break. I work near the Parliament so I decided to take a walk on the Hill. I took a few pictures – there’s just something about the Parliament that I love to photograph. I can never have too many photos from the Hill.

Ever since my first visit to the Parliament in 2005, I have been in love with this statue. For the longest time I was not aware of its history but I came across a very interesting book while I was working in the library of the National Capital Commission. It was a fairly old book that explained the history of all the statues of the Hill.  The meaning behind this one: It is named Sir Galahad and it was commissioned by William Lyon Mackenzie King in honour of his friend Henry Albert Harper who died tragically saving someone from the Ottawa River.

View from the Parliament as you walk up from the east entrance.

One interesting tidbit about the Parliament is the little housing community for cats called the Cat Sanctuary.  Cats were initially brought onto the Hill in the 1950’s to control the rodent population. They were free to roam the grounds to fulfill their duty.  Now, the rodents are removed through the use of chemicals but the cats stay. They are still free to roam the ground and come and go as they please. The houses are insulated for the colder weather. They are taken care of by volunteers and are fed through volunteer funds and some extra funding from the government. In this photo, there is one cat walking towards a food bowl (he is white and black).

This is the outside view of the Library of Parliament. It is a large and beautifully constructed library. It is used primarily by MPs and Senators. It was the only surviving structure after the fire in the early 1900’s which is very lucky because there are a lot of national treasures locked in the library. Unfortunately, it is not open to the general public. However, I am part of the library community so I have had the opportunity to visit the inside.

(This is a photo from last summer on my tour to the Libary of Parliament.)

I have continued with  my training with a really good and difficult spin class last night. I also completed my last stressful week at school – only two more weeks and I am done school!

Kiss me, I’m Irish

18 Mar

How do we kick off St. Patrick’s Day in Ottawa? With a race, of course! It was a chilly morning with thick fog (I was glad I wasn’t running). But my good friend,Natalie, was running and I went to cheer her on. She ran a 10k in 55min11sec: a personal best! I am so proud of her!

This was at the 9:00am start and it was still very hard to see. The fog made the air humid and cold (it was only +5ishC at the time).

Once the race was done, the sun came out (of course) but Natalie and I started on some school work. For a break, we went for a walk and did a bit of window shopping. I’m looking forward to buying a new wardrobe!

In the evening, I visited an old friend who was having a St. Patrick’s Day party. She had went all out! Green cupcakes, green candy, green punch and beer, and LOTS of food! Mark and I were home pretty early (10:30) – we are old, afterall! I drove home in the fog which was pretty scary but I was happy to make it home and hit the hay.

I wasn’t able to do any training yesterday (race, school work, then St. Patrick’s celebration). But I stayed on track for the most part.

Breakfast: 2 toasts, 1 tbsp peanut butter
Snack: 1 banana
Lunch: Butternut squash soup
1 toast with a tsp butter
Snack: Vegan oatmeal cookie from Bridgehead (local coffee shop)
Supper: 2 slices of homemade pizza and a salad
Goodies at the St. Patrick’s Party: a few gummy candies, some shrimp hors d’oeuvres, some tostitos chips and dip.

Overall though, I think I had some good self control!

I am going to enjoy the weather on Sunday with some running, a trip to the pool and a nice, long walk in sandals!