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Ice baths and tapering

12 May

I must apologize for not updating more frequently this week. I’ve been so exhausted each night after work that I’ve been hitting the hay before 9 most nights.

Luckily I do my training in the mornings so I can permit myself to veg out a little in the evening.

I was supposed to do an endurance run this morning – I was aiming for 10km. That didn’t work out for one reason which I should have foreseen: I started a fitness class on Thursday and I worked really hard. I’m sure we did 10 minutes of squats straight. After I went to the Triathlon Training Program class where I did 1hr of cycling, 20minute run, and 20 more minutes of strength training. Needless to say, my legs were hurtin’ on Friday morning. They are still hurting today (Saturday).  My legs are stiff and feel like they’re filled with lead. But I tried to run anyway. I chose a nice flat route and only did about 4-5k just to get the legs moving and flush out the lactic acid that is causing this DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

After my easy run (which was not easy at all – I felt immobile), I ran myself an ice bath!

To counter-balance the cold, I had a nice warm cup of coffee waiting for me once I sat down. A warm drink can be used to warm up your hands and, obviously, for something to sip on to get your mind off the cold.

The idea behind an ice bath isn’t rocket science. After/during a hard work out, your muscles suffers microscopic tears that will repair which stimulate muscle growth. The repair process needs blood that bring oxygen. To speed up that process, sitting in an ice bath or placing an ice pad where the soreness/injury occurs will force blood to the area thus helping with the reparation of the muscle.

After the ice bath, I put my feet in socks and slippers to quickly warm my feet (a lot of blood leaves the extremities to warm your core). But I let the rest of my body warm naturally and slowly by simply wearing a light dress.

This week I go into a tapering week as I have my first race of the season on Saturday. I’m very excited and nervous. I am feeling confident but a little weary. My parents are coming down for the weekend to watch the race and spend some time with us. I’m looking forward to their impression of a triathlon.

My tapering schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: light, comfortable 20 minute swim
  • Tuesday: run comfortable 35 minutes
  • Wednesday: swim with 100m intervals at race pace for 30 minutes
  • Thursday: recovery/day off
  • Friday: short run – 3k
  • Saturday: RACE DAY!

**I realize I do not have a bike but my schedule does not particularly permit it. However, I bike to work every day which is 8km both ways.