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Lunch time stroll

24 Mar

The weather was so beautiful that I needed to take advantage during my lunch break. I work near the Parliament so I decided to take a walk on the Hill. I took a few pictures – there’s just something about the Parliament that I love to photograph. I can never have too many photos from the Hill.

Ever since my first visit to the Parliament in 2005, I have been in love with this statue. For the longest time I was not aware of its history but I came across a very interesting book while I was working in the library of the National Capital Commission. It was a fairly old book that explained the history of all the statues of the Hill.  The meaning behind this one: It is named Sir Galahad and it was commissioned by William Lyon Mackenzie King in honour of his friend Henry Albert Harper who died tragically saving someone from the Ottawa River.

View from the Parliament as you walk up from the east entrance.

One interesting tidbit about the Parliament is the little housing community for cats called the Cat Sanctuary.  Cats were initially brought onto the Hill in the 1950’s to control the rodent population. They were free to roam the grounds to fulfill their duty.  Now, the rodents are removed through the use of chemicals but the cats stay. They are still free to roam the ground and come and go as they please. The houses are insulated for the colder weather. They are taken care of by volunteers and are fed through volunteer funds and some extra funding from the government. In this photo, there is one cat walking towards a food bowl (he is white and black).

This is the outside view of the Library of Parliament. It is a large and beautifully constructed library. It is used primarily by MPs and Senators. It was the only surviving structure after the fire in the early 1900’s which is very lucky because there are a lot of national treasures locked in the library. Unfortunately, it is not open to the general public. However, I am part of the library community so I have had the opportunity to visit the inside.

(This is a photo from last summer on my tour to the Libary of Parliament.)

I have continued with  my training with a really good and difficult spin class last night. I also completed my last stressful week at school – only two more weeks and I am done school!