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Winter running and race schedule

24 Jan

I’ve finally made a plan for the next six weeks for the half marathon. The plan includes lots of running but also a mix of swimming, biking, and strength training. I need to gain a base aerobic capacity when I start training 100% for the half ironman.

Despite a cold snap, I have not dropped a run all week. Except for this morning. In earnest, I tried to get out there. Heck, I even ran around the block but it was just too much. I had my foot warmers, 4 layers of tops, 2 layers of pants, hat, mitts and a scarf but the wind was just too cold on my face. I should have warn a balaclava!


Love these foot warmers! They work so well!

Anyway, I’m not letting that get me down. I did a little living room workout instead. I’m also glad to report that I feel like a runner again. I’m no longer struggling with/against myself when I run. My body is letting me run and I no longer feel stiff. That was a beautiful realization last night!

Mark and I sincerely miss Ottawa but, damn, living in the GTA is convenient! Everything is so close. It’s allowing me to participate in so many races this winter and spring!

March 3: Chilly Half Marathon

April 14: Georgetown 5k
April 21: Yonge St. 10k

May 18: Early Bird Triathlon (ok, this one is in Ottawa but Mark and I are doing this race again because we had so much fun last year and we’re using it as a vacation too!)

June 1: Moon in June 10k (a race at night – cool!)

July 7: Peterborough half – tri (half ironman, but not Ironman brand)

So that is one half of the year’s races. After  a busy few months, we’ll see how I feel about summer/fall races. I’ll be preparing for another marathon so I might just take it easy and concentrate of training.


I’m obsessed with races!

8 Aug

Ever since I put my competitive nature aside for the 2013 season, I keep discovering all these races that I want to do. My list is ever growing!  My 2012 season had initially only been about getting the top spot of my age group in the sprint triathlon distance. After that was accomplished twice early in the season and an unexpected move brought us far from Ottawa (where there are triathlons monthly), I had to set my sights on new goals.  That is where the marathon came in. I am really looking forward to October 21!

But now that I’m back to solely running-until next summer, that is.  After a really good training session and achieving a distance I’ve never run before, I head to the internet in search of nearby races. My calendar for 2013 is quickly filling up and I better start saving for those registrations!

1) Chilly Half-Marathon: March 3 – Burlington, ON
*all participants receive a technical running jacket!
White Violet

2) Around the Bay: March 24 – Hamilton, ON
*Older than the Boston Marathon and a runner’s staple

3) Double Mussel: July 12-14 – Geneva, NY
* Sprint triathlon on Saturday and half ironman on Sunday for 88.7 miles of fun!

4) Athens Marathon – November – Athens, Greece
* That’s right, Mark and I are going to Greece next year to run the original marathon: From Marathon to Athens!

As you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me for the next fifteen months. After all that, I may need to take a break from long distance.