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Two week countdown and a new toy

24 Jun

I know I’ve been MIA in the last few weeks. Summer holidays are in full swing so that means extra shifts need to be picked up at work. That translates to completing my training at different times. No worries though, the training hours are being put in.

Mark threw me an awesome birthday full of surprises with friends and family. We went horseback riding and enjoyed an awesome meal that was a complete surprise. Both our parents made it down from Timmins which was totally awesome!

DSC01153But back to the Half Ironman! We are now two weeks out and I can’t believe it’s already here. It seems as though I still have months of preparing ahead but I’m all ready. I’m going to start to taper soon where I will maintain fitness but not put in hard workouts.

The main thing constantly on my mind is the swim. I try to practice the open water swim as often as I can. I’ve gone a few times and, once I get into a groove, it’s really not so bad. But then there’s the sea weed that totally grosses and creeps me out. I swim through it as fast as I can but eventually it just becomes too much. I really hope the lake in Peterborough is clear of sea weed. Or perhaps the number of people swimming through the sea weed will clear it for me.

But enough about the swim. What I’m really excited about is to get on my new bike. That’s right! I spent a small fortune on my own brand new Giant Defy Composite 2. GiantThe quality of the photo isn’t that great. We’re low on space in the den now with 3 bikes. We’ll have to figure out a solution to fit them all comfortably. I have yet to take her out on a spin but Wednesday is looking to be the day I go on one last long ride.

Sunday’s run was terribly hot. The humidity was really high at 93%. I went through almost all of my four water bottles on a 17km run. There was almost no shaded areas and I had to walk a few times. Although it was a tough run, I know it was a great training experience. The Peterborough Half run is a course with almost no shade in similar temperatures. It’s good to now how my body will react and how to stay moving. If it’s a stinkin’ hot day, I am so having ice cream when I cross that fiinish line!


Going in blind

9 Jun

I really thought I wasn’t going to need it, but I’ve come to realize that summer running is not as pleasant without it.  I’m talking about Body Glide, of course! For any kind of chaffing, especially for the thighs, that stuff will work miracles!

I went on a 10km run this morning and the inside of my thighs were burning by kilometre 8. So when I naturally ventured into the Running Room this afternoon to invest in anti-chaffing.  Of course I bought the pink one too (not that it matters)!

I also signed up for my next triathlon – it’s called the Smith Falls Classic. I’m a little worried as it’s my first open water start of the season. I also don’t know the temperature of the water. I’m unsure whether I should wear a wetsuit or just wear a swimsuit.

Here are my thoughts:

Wetsuit benefits:

  1. More buoyancy
  2. Warmth

Wetsuit disadvantage:

  1. Never used one before
  2. Difficulty getting out

I’m hoping to go out for an open water swim tomorrow to test out the wetsuit and then I’ll decide from there.