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Marathon Training Week 2 Rewind

29 Jul

Another week has gone by and more miles were covered. This week’s training was pretty much the same except for the added miles on Sunday. I did one of my training runs in Georgetown during my lunch break. I knew I was spending my afternoon at my desk in the workroom which meant no customer interaction. This was a free ticket to  being gross and sweaty. I also want to do a lot of running in Georgetown because of the hilly terrain in the town will hopefully prepare me for the mountainous terrain in Greece.

I’ve been trying to stay motivated both mentally and physically. The problem I’ve had in the past is mainly staying focused and faithful to my training. I often tend to skip runs if the weather isn’t perfect or if I’m tired or if I don’t want to get up early. So in order to keep my mind on the prize, I’ve been reading up on running, races, and runners from all levels. One runner I came across is Orville Rogers – a 95 year-old track and field record holder. Orville has 5 key rules to stay focused and injury-free:

  1. As far as training goes, listen to your body. Don’t go too fast or too far.
  2. When you’re upping your training, increase your speed or distance, not both.
  3. Look at the records and then make a goal for yourself that you think you can do.
  4. Visualize, and when you visualize, picture yourself breaking those records.
  5. Never give up.

These rules can be applied to any runner training for any distance. After reading these rules, I find myself thinking of #2 often on my long runs – I need to remember to take it very slowly. I always want to run faster and at a pace that my legs cannot maintain. Then comes the blow  out…

I am determined to not let this happen during this training session. Here is my motto:

slow and steady



Marathon Training: Week 1 Rewind

24 Jul

I always love the beginning of event training. Everything is so relaxed and easy. I look forward to completing my training sessions because I know it won’t take me very long. Starting small also gives your mind a nice break too. I know I won’t be out for long hours so I don’t have much mental preparation to do in order to pump myself up for a 20 or 25 kilometre run.

This was my week 1:

Monday: Cross train 30 minutesTuesday: Jog 40 minutes
Wednesday: 6 X 400 metres at 2:05 – 2:15
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Jog 30 minutes
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7 miles at 10:40 – 11:10

I nailed week 1! I love the flexibility and it’s not always “get out there and run.” I find running for a specific time difficult as I’ve never trained using that method. I find myself constantly looking at my watch. I have had to tell myself not to look at my watch because there is never as much time that has elapsed as one thinks.

My 7 miles went well. The highlight of that run was an old man yelling “BIMBO!” to a female driver who was turning right without looking for pedestrians. There were two of us. How do you miss that? Anyway, things like that don’t bother me as I’ve become distrustful towards drivers. I don’t assume they see me which is a rather basic sense of self preservation. I digress. I can spend a whole post discussing the relationship between drivers/pedestrians, drivers/cyclists, and cyclists/pedestrians.

But after a well run 7m, I was entitled to a peach flavoured iced tea beer.

Iced teaMark and I visited a new Beer Store on the weekend and I noticed this tasty gem. It was rather tasty and very peachy.

I wonder if they’ll be serving this beer at the finish line in Greece, though? marathon beer


Where’s the motivation?

9 Apr

I have a serious case of the Monday blahs… Thankfully, I am not scheduled for school or work today.  I woke up with a sore throat and feeling really drained (despite sleeping for 10hrs). I think my body is trying to fight off a cold which is leaving me fatigued and unmotivated.  But I know, I can’t spend my day reading on the couch.  So, it’s time for some motivational videos.

The first was introduced to me by my good friend, Natalie. Ben Does Life

This video is motivating for me. It gets me really excited to start race season and compete.  Although I am not training for an Ironman, this video portrays the the ups and downs of any athlete on race day.  Life of a Triathlete

The story of Rick and Dick Hoyt is truly inspirational.  Rick Hoyt is physically challenged and unable to compete in endurance events. So his father, Dick, swims, bikes, and runs with his son so he can compete. They have competed in multiple running and triathlon events across the U.S. This video is really neat and moving.  You can see the joy is Rick’s face as he and his father are competing.  And Dick’s determination is extremely inspiring and moving; there is no way you can sit on your couch after watching this video. Team Hoyt

After watching those videos, it’s time to start packing my gym bag for a swim. I have regained motivation and I must remember that I need to get out of my comfort zone.  Comfort zone is reading on the couch for the afternoon.  Swimming for 30-45mins will bring me that much closer to my goal and forces me out of what feels natural.