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Officially part of the community

17 Aug

According to Mark, now that we have library cards, we are officially part of the Milton community. And I would have to agree with him. We visited the library last night and registered for library cards.

Mark hung around the magazines and I perused through almost all of the shelves and different departments. It’s a brand new library, very modern with new equipment. There is a lot of seating space and the furniture is clean. The children’s section is very exciting with a lot of attractions for children whereas the teens and adult sections aren’t as captivating. Clearly, their main focus is drawing children into the library. But they may be forgetting to keep teens and adults coming through those doors. Anyway, I digress… This was our haul from the library

Mark took out some magazines and I have the books. I’ve got a long train and plane ride next week so I’m sure they will keep me entertained.

On a lighter, I made a silly mistake last night. I bought glass jars from the Dollar Store for flour, rice, sugar, etc. As I was filling them, I noticed I had two bags of whole wheat flour. So I added one bag and then the second bag. As it was pouring into the jar I thought to myself: “Hmm, this flour is darker and isn’t sliding out of the bag as easily…oh uh.” That is when I realized the first bag of “flour” was in fact whey protein.

I felt bad throwing out the flour and protein so Mark just said: “Just scoop out the flour.” And that’s what I did. So we may have some protein enriched flour and some whole wheat protein. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I’m gearing up for a 26km run tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be perfect: 21C, sunny and low humidity. Hopefully I can finish my audiobook version of Anna Karenina and move onto Oryk and Crake.


The end of the crazy-busyness

30 Mar

So I’ve been pretty busy in the last week (yet again). It feels like a re-occurring theme every week. But, things should start to slow down.

I unfortunately finished my contract with the National Capital Commission. I had been working there for seven months. I worked in a beautiful library that had not been updated since its creation. I sat at a large wooden desk that I’m sure every library in the 80’s was equipped with. But I loved it! I worked mostly independently and built a small little clientele. Regulars came in daily and I got to know a few quite well.  The NCC library is primarily a history and art/architecture library. We have very old material as well as very recent reports that are well used within the organization. We also often catered to external clients (students, researchers) who were always a pleasure to work with. I will miss the NCC library and all the people I worked with over the last few months. I will miss my large, wooden desk, the decoration card catalog shelf and all the old and rare manuscripts on display. But mostly, I will miss the work and the people. However, as they say: life goes on.  And it’s time for me to open a new chapter.

I will be working at the University of Ottawa for a few weeks on placement and then I will be done school. It is a bit of a scary thought but I am so ready!  I really want to take my knowledge learned from school and apply it! Such as the knowledge I gained from this assignment!

This is a mini exhibit we had so much fun making in a course called Special Collections. We worked with folios from a manuscript of a Book of Hours and focused on one aspect of the piece (here focused on art). We had a great time creating this and it only took 2hrs with 4 people working on it – I call it efficiency!

But now onto other things, the 10lb Shred is still going. I have not been following Tommy Europe’s meal plan but I have been controlling my portions and eating the same amount as he recommends. So despite not being the same food, it is essentially the same intake. I have been working out 6 days a week at different intensities – depending on the training. After tonight, I will have done 3 days in a row of spinning (ow! My bum!)

My first race is in 7 weeks! My training really needs to get ramped up so I am focusing on speed in all three disciplines. I will write up a training plan and share it with you! It should be posted by the end of the week.