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Running App Reviews

24 Apr

I enjoy running with music when I’m going on a long run and I have to admit that I often let my pace slack a bit.  Sometimes you  just get in a nice comfortable groove and your heart rate stays pretty flat. So I decided to check out a few of the running apps that are available (for free) in the app store. So, up to date, I have run with with two running apps.

1. RunKeeper (free): This app is probably considered to be one of the best apps out there and I liked it. However, I had some issues with it. First, it only clocked my distance every kilometre. It did not add my distance. So every 5minutes, the voice would tell me I’ve run 1.1km with a pace of 5:23.  I like knowing my pace – it motivated me to push a little harder.  And then, I was stopped at a red light for about 30seconds (or maybe a little longer) When I started running again, it seems to have included my stop time as an overall pace telling me that I was running a 20min/km. What?! After running 7kms, Run Keeper registered that I ran 3.3km. It was very bizarre and disappointing. I would like to try it again to test it once more.

2. MapMyRun (free): Same concept as Run Keeper but lets the user track nutrition, various workouts (cycling, strength training, etc), and routes. I was really excited to try this one. But I encountered the same problem. I actually ran 5km, but it only registered 2km. Then when I was done my run, the workout wouldn’t save for some reason. There was a voice that told me my pace and the kilometres I had covered thus far. But both sounded wrong – I knew I had farther than she told me and I know my pace was faster than 7min/km. I don’t think I will try this one again. It was not as user-friendly as RunKeeper.
3. Zombies, Run! ($7.99): I haven’t used this one but it sounds really cool! The app has 30 different scenarios that you can choose from. Each scenario takes you through a workout that you have to run from zombies or run towards “items” such as batteries, flash lights, etc. The app picks up on your sprint, or lack of a sprint, and decides if you ran fast enough to escape the zombies. I think it’s a fun way for interval training. A few of my friends have expressed interest in purchasing the app. Now here’s the real question: Do I really want to spend $8 for an app? It’s totally up to you.

Next time I’m out for a run, I’m going to try the Nike Run app that comes standard on most iPods. I hope this one app finally works for me.