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So you want to run a marathon, eh?

23 Apr

So you think you can put in all those hours and kilometres of training? You think you can tough out the blisters and chaffing?  What about that 32km wall? To that I reply: HECK YES I CAN DO IT!

I’ve been thinking about running a marathon for the last few weeks. I’ve been considering training, location of the race, those long distances – and still the idea is appealing. About six months ago when running a marathon was maybe a possibility of an idea, I told myself “If ever I ran a marathon, it would be the original marathon in Greece from Marathon to Athens.” I was partially giving myself that goal because I knew it was more on the unlikely side therefore I didn’t have to be serious. But I started looking into various locations closer to home that I could run a marathon.

The final nail in the coffin came yesterday when I received a message from my good friend Natalie:

“I did something crazy and signed up for the Hamilton Marathon! I have 28 weeks to train for it!”

Now I can’t not run a marathon! I haven’t decided if I will run the Hamilton Marathon.  It would be close to home but not the most exciting and exotic location. In the end, it’s the most realistic location.

Following a conversation with Mark, this is what I’ve decided: I will begin to train for a marathon and once we have a better idea of what we’re doing/where we’re going in September, I can decide on a marathon location.  I will begin to log my training distances as well as any difficulties and accomplishments I come across on this crazy journey.

Wish me luck!