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Running Cramps

14 Apr

My last few runs, I’ve had issues with cramping.  Sometimes I’ve been able to run through it, other times I’ve had to stop and walk it out.  It’s quite a dampener during my runs; it slows me down and messes with my rhythm. On my run this morning, I experienced yet another cramp. I walked it out a bit but continued running. It wasn’t too bad of a cramp. However, I continued to feel it for another kilometer or two.  So I lightened my steps (instead of running hard on the pavement) and breathed slowly and deeply. I found that inhaling through my nose and exhaling from my mouth was helping immensely. Here are two articles I referred to following my crampy run:

How to Avoid Cramping when Running

Running Cramps

As a result, my last few runs have not been personal bests. However, I am still glad I went out and put in the distances.

I have not had time to weigh myself for the 10lb Shred. I have been very busy with work and training. Unfortunately I have not had time to make it to the scale (I don’t own one, I use the scale at the gym). When I get those results, I will post them!