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Chocolate Race Recap

13 May

The day of the Chocolate Race started early. Mark hopped on his bike to ride to St Catherines and left shortly after six. His ride was supposed to take him just over two hours. I resolved to leave shortly after seven which would put me in St Catherines around the same time Mark was expected to arrive. The morning was exceptionally windy. I was praying that the wind would die down at the start line. The race started at 10 which meant I had to carefully plan out my eating schedule. I ate half of a banana around 6:30 and prepared a bagel with peanut butter and jam which I would eat around 8.

I packed all my stuff and jumped in the car. This was my first drive by myself down the 403. Thankfully, it was Sunday morning and there wasn’t too much traffic. I arrived at the expo shortly after eight and picked mine and Mark’s race kits and waited. And waited. And waited. The time was now 9:15 and Mark was still nowhere to be found. He hadn’t called or texted which meant he was still on the road. I was starting to get anxious. I really did not want him to miss the race. I waited as long as I could. At 9:43 I started to walk towards the start line. I left his race kit in the car and texted him the directions to find the car. Hopefully he would get there in time. As fate would have it, as I walked towards the start line, I decided to take one last look behind me. There he was. A cyclist all in black with a white helmet. I dashed towards him and pointed to turn around. I directed him to the car. Mark quickly got changed while I placed his bike in the car. It was a made dash. When he was all ready we ran back to the start. With four minutes to spare, we made it! Mark made his way to the front while I stayed behind him a few rows. I was expecting to do well but I didn’t want to be at the front.

The gun went off and I started passing people like it was nobody’s business. The terrain was half trail and half road with minor inclinations. We ran along the Lake Ontario with a head wind.  This was no minor head wind. They were wind gusts of over 30km/hr. I was not expecting stellar results at that point. But, I stayed positive. No one was passing me and I was gaining on the person ahead of me. Thankfully at the turn around, the wind was now at my back. I gained speed and I felt like I was flying. I definitely flew through the finish line. I did not have a personal best but I finished 2nd in my age category and 15th overall! My time was 50min and 44seconds.

DSC01006Pink champagne at the finish line. I really could have had a few more glasses to keep me warm (it was freezing!)

As we waited for the award ceremony, we had chocolate croissants and truffles. Everything was so rich and delicious. I was surprised to find out that I finished 2nd. I wasn’t expecting to top my age group. Especially in this race as the age group was between 20 and 29. But we also had to wait for medals because Mark won his first race. He left everyone behind him in his dust. We both could not believe his incredible race.

DSC01011Here we are with our finisher’s medals and our winner’s medals.

Thankfully Mark did not want to ride his bike back home so he drove and I was able to relax in the passenger’s seat. Of course, training really paid off. But I think for my next race I’m going for another pedicure and will definitely stick to homemade pizza for supper. This might be the beginning of a great tradition.


Runners in Bloom

5 May

Runners in Canada are sort of like flowers in the spring. They start to sprout out of their homes, slowly at first, testing the weather, and when it has been gauged fair enough, they are out in full bloom. Of course, not all Canadian runners hibernate during the winter. But there does seem to be a greater number of runners when the sun brings some warm weather.


That being said, I am very happy to be wearing less layers on my runs. I feel lighter as though I am running faster. Oh wait, I think I am running faster. All that winter training totally paid off. I ran a 23 minute 5k on Wednesday and a 50 minute 10km this morning. I am so ready for the Chocolate Race next Sunday.

What is the Chocolate Race, you ask? It is a 5k, 10k or 10m race with chocolate along the course at different station. They have chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows. And for the souls running the 10miler, they get a chocolate shot at the turn around. The Chocolate Race also boasts a pretty awesome chocolate party at the end – which is why I am running. Mark is also going to run and I can’t wait to indulge in the chocolate. I think it’s a pretty great way to spend a Sunday.


I’m pretty sure there is still room for late registrations. Even if you can’t run or walk it, it’s worth a drive to St Catherines for the chocolate after-party. I will be sure to post plenty of pictures.

In other training news, half-Iron training is ever consistent. I had a panic moment in the pool last Monday and refused to finish my work out. Mark suggested the noon swim, instead of my usual 6am swim. I said ‘ok’ because a swim buddy is always nice. But for whatever reason, or maybe the noon swim is always like that, the pool was the place to be. We started our pyramid work out just great and had one other person join us. Soon after, our lane had six swimmers including us. It wasn’t just our lane that was busy, they were all busy! I dislike sharing a lane with more than four people. It gets too crowded, I feel pressure to swim fast than I can, and I start to panic. Then comes the anxiety.  Needless to say, I couldn’t exit the pool fast enough and hit the gym. At least my day wasn’t a complete waste. I’m looking forward to my regular swim time with my regular lane buddies.