My name is Amanda and I’ve been a runner for about 4 years. I have ran in 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances.  I have a love/hate relationship with running: some days are really hard (especially when the weather isn’t cooperating) but the benefits far outweigh my excuses.  I have more good days then I have bad days. I have a great support system from a variety of people.


My main supporter is my partner: Mark. He is also a runner and endurance athlete. He prefers longer distances (both in running and triathlons). I can always count on him to get me out of bed for that early morning run or to cheer me on along a course.

I first tried my hand at triathlons the summer of 2012. I completed my first sprint distance in September 2011 and was immediately hooked.  Although I had dedicated myself to only triathlon events for the 2012 season I will always have a passion for running.

My 2012 triathlon season was a success. I accomplish what I set out to do: finish top 3 in my age category. I did so twice. Once finishing 2nd and another time finishing 1st.

The latter part of my 2012 season was dedicated to marathon training. It was my first marathon and the training was mostly a success. Unfortunately I suffered an injury one month from race day but I completed the full 42.2km regardless.

My 2013 season will be filled with fun and new races and distances. I have no competitive goals, other than finishing my races upright and with a smile.

I also want to share my passion for libraries and reading, food, and living as green and holistic as possible.

This blog will follow my journey through my triathlon and running events, travel and life overall.


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