Welcome back!

14 Jul

Hi all!

I know it’s been almost a year but I’m back! I took 6 months off of running after the Athens Marathon (I know I didn’t record that experience here, but I’m sure it will be the topic of a future post).

My winter consisted of a lot of gym time. I also borrowed a co-workers copy of P90X. There were a lot of mornings where getting out of bed was painful!

I slowly started running again about 2-3 months ago with a running partner. We are close to the same fitness level, but it’s ultimately great to get out of the house for some girl chat.

Mark has been training non-stop for a very busy race season. Since April he has raced once every month. I can’t tell you how proud I am of his accomplishments and seeing his hard work pay off. He has finished in the top ten at every race. This past weekend we were in Toronto for the Toronto Triathlon Festival. This was his A race for the season. I was so excited and he was doing so well – he was second out of the water! My highlight of the morning was when Simon Whitfield ran by me and made time for a quick photo!

simon and amanda(Please excuse the photo quality. As you can see, it was raining and a little chilly – my photographer was shivering.)

The summer will roll along as it normally does – a lot of races, traveling, training and working. Unfortunately, our summers very seldom involve relaxing. While out for ice cream with friends last night, I decided to run an 18km trail run and agreed to do the swim portion of a relay triathlon in Orillia the next day. Crazy or what?

Now I need to start training for my first trail run. This week I am going to start upping my miles and run in the trails at least twice to get my body used to dodging tree roots.


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