Marathon Training Week 6 Rewind

28 Aug
This week was a breeze! Not to say that I was slacking off. I just had an easy week in terms of mileage. My track work out was only 6 laps, I didn’t do any hills and my long run was 12km.
Track of pain, but beautiful as the sun rises.

Track of pain, but beautiful as the sun rises.

I finished my long work out and wasn’t totally drained. I did, however, become dehydrated later that day for various reasons. When I came home, I immediately began making breakfast for a house full of boys (Mark’s boys’ weekend) so I was not able to put some fuel back into my body. I also went out shopping without bringing a water bottle or any snacks. Lastly, because Mark and the boys were spending the day in Toronto I did not have to cook so I spent my day sitting on the couch watching Glee and eating pretzels. Salt city! Needless to say around supper time I had a bad headache and my thirst was screaming for water.

I think we all have days like when we forget about nutrition. I just forgot about it on a fairly important day. Although I don’t think I’ll be forgetting to stay hydrated after this week’s long run. A 24km run in humidity – I might have to stop to refill my water bottles. It’s been really sticky and humid here all week. I’m hoping that dies down by Sunday.

But back to nutrition because it’s so important and sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to it. This week I’ve decided to spend more time and attention to the food I eat. I’ve noticed since the half-Ironman (and even a bit before) that I was letting myself eat what I wanted when I wanted. My excuse was: “Well, I’m doing a half-Ironman, how much can 2 brownies hurt?” Then it went on to: “Pff I did a half-Ironman I can eat those 2 brownies!” So begins the sneaky food spiral. Before you know it, your jeans don’t button up anymore! I kept telling myself it was ok to eat whatever goodies were left in the lunch room at work. But it’s not ok – not everyday, that is. Everything in moderation.

For fall and especially for the Athens Marathon I want to be top of my game. Although I’m hoping for a personal best, and I realize it may not happen (due to jet lag, terrain, hills, etc) I want to cross that finish line knowing that I did everything in my power to run the best race I could.

I just read an article on Runner’sWorld website on how to read food labels. Mark and I very seldom buy packaged food but when we do I like to glance over the label. I have to admit that sometimes the labels don’t make any sense. Part of that stems from the fact that I don’t know how much fat, sodium, carbs I need. I just [try] to eat sensibly and hope I’m doing it right. I’ll be keeping track of my nutrition on MyFitnessPal so you can take a look at my progress. Please friend me (HealthyHappyLife17) if you are also tracking your nutrition on MyFitnessPal.

Yup, that’s about right!

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