Crash and Burn

1 Aug

I woke up Tuesday morning riling for my morning run. I was going to run an easy, flat 6-7km with mild humidity and cloudless sky. I am also listening to a good audiobook right now, too, so I was looking forward to continuing on with the story. What could go wrong?


While running uphill I tripped on an uneven sidewalk stone. The result: two scrapped knees, scrapped wrist, and a bruised hip and shoulder. One last injury: a bruised ego. Of course this all happened during the morning rush hour so there were quite a few vehicles that passed by as I was falling, as I fell and as I quickly got back up. Although the scrapes and bruises don’t look that bad, I have to admit they are all super painful!

Needless to say I was rather put out from my fall. I probably could have continued my route but blood was running down from my knee; I knew I couldn’t continue on as planned so I headed home. Of course, my 6-7km run did not happen. I went about my morning as usual, ate some lunch and talked myself into trying to run for a second time.

Run #2 went much smoother. An easy 5k route and I made a conscious effort to pick up my feet. Although I crashed in my first attempt at my run in the morning, I burned through my afternoon run. I felt awesome and could have continued if I needed.

Week 3 of training is almost over. This Saturday’s long run will be 17kms! I’m surprised how quickly the kilometres are climbing but I’m not feeling overwhelmed.

I live in a farming town where most of my routes are down county roads with nothing around. I stumbled upon this poster and thought: “Yup, I’ve totally been there – nothing around, hungry with miles to go.”


Have any of you been in that position before?


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