Fueling Race Day

5 Jun

After yesterday’s 90km bike ride, I’ve realized a few things.

1) Eating and cycling is not as easy as it sounds. Trying to breathe while eating bread and peanut butter is not ideal.
2) I am going to need more food than I thought which means I need to find a way to carry it all.
3) What should I eat and how often?

I spoke to Mark about my dilemma and he told me that he eats every hour. Ok, that’s doable but that only solves one part of my 3 problems. I started doing some research this morning because I do not want nutrition to be an issue on race day. When getting off the bike, being hungry with a 21km run ahead would not be pretty.

I don’t think fueling before the race will be a problem. I’ve been eating the same thing for a few years now and it’s never let me know: bagel with peanut butter and jam. I try not to drink too much water though. The days leading up to the race I try to be extra conscious about hydration. I know that during the race I will be keeping hydrated so it’s not necessary to drink a lot of water before the starting gun. I try to stick to no more than 400ml of waters. But that’s what works for me.

The bigger issue here will be fueling on the bike. I think this will be the plan: eat a Clif Bar first thing once I am settled and comfortable on the bike. After each hour subsequently I will eat a piece of bread with peanut butter and nutella. However, as I approach the end of the bike portion, I am going to take one gel.

For the run, I am going to take a few gels with me. I’m pretty sure there will be some on course so I don’t want to carry too much. Unfortunately the race website is not too great at listing everything that will be at the aid stations. I’m hoping there will be bananas and Coke. I seem to think I read that somewhere. Regardless, I fired the race director an email because these are things I need to know!


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