Cycling for Coffee

28 May

After months of waiting for the perfect day to cycle out to Cafe Domestique in Dundas, we finally made the journey on Sunday. I can’t remember how I came across this cafe but I’ve always wanted to check it out. Cafe Domestique is a cyclo cafe where coffee, beer and food are served. Cycling to a new town is always a great adventure. But cycling towards a destination that is friendly to cyclists and has coffee?! I was so totally there!

The ride into Dundas was definitely an adventure. Before leaving, we mapped out our route that totaled 35km. Half of the ride was great and scenic. Unfortunately, we hit a bit of road that was busier than we thought. When we finally got off the busy road, things started to go downhill. We got lost and tacked on an extra 10 or 15kms. We met up with some cyclists and Mark asked them for directions. When we were finally heading the right way, we arrived at a road called Sydenham rd. The road started to decline and I realized this was going to be a big hill. Off to the left was a lookout point. Mark and I stopped briefly for a view and pictures.

Sydenham lookoutThen we started our descent. I was breaking the entire time. Mark flew ahead of me and yelled “Meet you at the bottom!” And I just kept coasting along. I kept thinking “I will never make it back up this hill…” But I tried not to let those negative thoughts get the better of me and kept my mind on Cafe Domestique.

When we finally made it, a scone and a cup of coffee never tasted better. Mark, of course, had two chocolate chip cookies and a grilled cheese.

DomestiqueWe took the same route to get back home (without getting lost this time). And I am proud of say that Sydenham Hill did not get the best of me. I pedaled the entire way! Mark kept looking back expecting to see me walking but every time I was just a pedalin’ away.

I am so happy that I was able to make it out to Cafe Domestique after months of waiting for the opportunity. Our total kilometres was around 80-85km. Now all I have to do for the Peterborough Half Ironman is cycle the whole 90km without a coffee break.


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