First Triathlon of the Seaon

15 May

Saturday will be this season’s first triathlon. Mark and I are doing Somersault‘s Early Bird Triathlon again. Last year’s Early Bird was a huge success for me. I had a personal best on the 5k run and I finished second in my age group. I had trained really hard in the winter and early spring to top my age category and I did. That success continued with a second sprint triathlon in which I placed first in my age group. That second triathlon was during a very busy time for Mark and I. We were getting ready to move our lives to Milton so there is no race report. But you can check out the stats here.

Receiving my "silver" medal

Receiving my “silver” medal at the Early Bird 2012.



This year, however, my priorities are completely different. My training focus has been on the half-Iron in Peterborough in July. I haven’t exactly been working on speed on the bike or the run. I have to admit, though, that my bike and run are stronger than they were last year. Hopefully that means a new personal best at the 5k and maybe even on the bike.

Of course a return to the Early Bird means a return to Ottawa! Mark and I are really looking forward to being back in the city we love. We have a few plans but we are also looking forward to taking things easy and at a relaxed pace. There are a few vegetarian restaurants we want to visit, a few parks that are perfect for lazy afternoon lounging and some friends that desperately need catching up.

When traveling, I always make a list of stuff I need to pack. Now there’s a triathlon involved, that list is even bigger. I enjoy triathlon but it’s so tough to remember everything you need for race day. It’s a far cry from simply a road race where one only needs running shoes, sun glasses and maybe a watch.  While I’m waiting in transition I always feel as though I am missing something. If you need some tips for the days leading up to a triathlon, you can check out this list I compiled last season. I find it always helps to lay out all your stuff the night before and, of course, at your station before the start of the race.

Transition ZoneI will have a full report about the Early Bird shortly after the race. I cannot promise that the report will be too quick, though. I do have all of Ottawa to enjoy in a short period of time.


2 Responses to “First Triathlon of the Seaon”

  1. xxjaym May 16, 2013 at 10:36 am #

    Good luck!!!
    I am training for my first Triathlon and I am going to book mark you race day tips :)

    • Livin' active May 22, 2013 at 8:21 am #

      That’s awesome! Congrats and good luck! You will love it and the addiction will commence. I think the biggest tip I can give would be to focus on a single portion of the race at a time.

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