Personal Best vs. Chocolate

11 May

Really? Should there even be a competition here? Chocolate and I get along together very well. Sometimes a little too well. But when you work hard at something and you have the chance to see your effort come to fruition, sometimes you just have to tell chocolate “I’m sorry, but I think it’s best if we see other people.” On Sunday I have the chance to place in my age group. The only thing keeping me back is the fact that the Chocolate Race features chocolate along the course! In anticipation of this dilemma the organizers of the Chocolate Race have a whole chocolate after party. So the solution to my problem: bring on the pain for the P.R.  I will enjoy all the chocolate I can handle after the race. Which, I think, may be the best way. Besides, chocolate in my tummy while running may not be too productive.

Mark is working afternoons and into the evening this week. That means I had the night to myself last night and decided a little pampering was in order for Sunday’s race. I went for a mani and pedi and chose a color that would match my outfit. I know, how vain. The mani and pedi felt really nice. The calf massage helped relax my muscles. I felt really good on my brick this afternoon.


Tonight’s meal is a pizza, loaded with veggies and olives that provide a good dose of salt. I really believe that a few slices of homemade pizza are a great carb-load meal before a race. Depending on the distance, I will eat either more or less of the pizza. I don’t feel completely bloated after the pizza as I do with pasta. I also find that a creamy pasta sauce doesn’t sit well with me. Besides, pizza is fun and you can add whatever topping you’d like.



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