Spring in January

12 Jan

Holy canoli! The temperature in the GTA reached 14C (57F) today! It was a beautiful day, with a warm breeze. I couldn’t ask for better weather for a long run. Actually, I overdressed! I would have been comfortable in shorts and a short sleeved shirt, but I opted for my pants and long sleeved shirt – bad idea. Luckily the breeze kept me cool. I shouldn’t complain too much though. I’m afraid we’re going to have a big shock back to reality with a snow storm (god forbid, though).

Mark and I joined a Masters swim club and today was our first swim with the group. I was placed in a medium lane but was moved to a faster lane after a few hundred metres. I was thrilled! I’m actually not as slow as I keep thinking I am and my technique might not be too bad after all. Boy did that feeling fade quickly. The swimmers in the fast lane were all down to business with a variety of strokes and using fins for different drills. I found myself playing catch up most of the workout. I was exhausted after today’s swim. I swam more than I ever have in my life! Mark was also tired – something he hasn’t experienced in months. Our workout went something like this:
10 x 100m
25m pull, 50m kick, 25m pull
8 x 25 speed work
18 x 100m with 100m of variety strokes.

Once our time was up, I was pretty thankful and quick to leave the pool deck! Hopefully every week won’t be as intensive but I am looking forward to structured work outs and learning better technique.


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