New year, new goals

8 Jan

Following my two month hiatus where I was totally consumed with work and Christmas shopping/preparation, I have some exciting news  to update you on!

First: Mark and I have committed to a vegetarian diet and mostly vegan diet. I have cut out most diary. I will only eat eggs that I buy from a co-worker who raises her own chickens. I am going to eat some cheese only if it is part of a recipe. Mark, on the other hand, cannot live without cheese or yogurt. He goes through a tub of yogurt every two days. So giving that up is a little harder for him. We’ve made that choice because of the health benefits stemming from a vegetarian diet. Along with that decision, we’ve also realized the environmental and ethical implications that come with being a vegetarian/vegan. Therefore we is also an eco-conscious effort to our diet change.

Second: at work, we are undergoing a location change. Our facility has been undergoing renovations in the last two years and we are now moving into our updated location. This means: A LOT of shelving books, shifting books, lifting boxes of books, and shelf reading Dewey decimal numbers. As a result, I come home exhausted. It’s been a little bit of a hindrance on this year’s training. So many nights I come home sore and not wanting to run, but I do and I’m proud of my motivation thus far (please don’t fail me now!)

Third: I am running a half marathon in eight weeks! I kind of lost track of time and assumed I had more time than I do but I don’t. So I threw myself back into training. I’m taking it slowly so I don’t risk an injury. I’ve got a long season up ahead and now is not the time to get injured. I’m looking forward to this run, we get a neat jacket in our race kit and a bowl of chili awaits all racers at the finish line. Yum!

chilly half

Once I get back into a regular schedule with work (when we open our doors to the public), I will come up with a training schedule for my Half Ironman in July. More information on that coming up also. I also plan on including successful vegetarian recipes. They will mostly be made  by Mark. He seems to have a knack for cooking!


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