Making the Cut

31 Oct

Happy Halloween to all! Hopefully the weather is cooperating wherever you are. We were only mildly affecting by Hurricane Sandy. Strong winds, rain, power outage for a few hours, and a few downed trees but nothing major, thankfully.

Now that I am no longer training for any running events or triathlons I’ve decided to head back into the gym for a month or two to get some of that muscle definition I had earlier in the spring. I’ve been following Jillian Michael’s “Making the Cut” book. Her workout regimes consist of 5 circuits that you can do as many times as you would like. I do them twice for a total of a 1 hour work out. She combines resistance, plyometrics and cardio in her routines. She also incorporates moves that target large muscle groups that hit the smaller ones for a more effective work out. I like it!

I’m sure the other people in the gym think I’m a crazy person. Carrying around my notebook with the circuits listed, going from treadmill, to weights, to the matts and then start all over again. Oh well…it’s all worth it when I come home to this:

Chicken with homemade seasoning, apricot glazed carrots and feta and spinach pie. Mmmm! My man can cook!



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