Oh happy day!

4 Oct

I think I have the most beautiful (and easiest) commute in the GTA. To drive from Milton to Georgetown is about 20km down county roads with canopy trees and wheat fields. At least I think it’s wheat. I don’t know my fields very well – I’m not much of a farm girl. Anyway, the trees are stunning right now – the mix of green, red and yellow are beautiful!

This is what my drive is for 15km! Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Another reason why I am signing “oh happy day” is that I have returned to running! I ran 5km on the treadmill this evening and barely felt any pain. The only problem I had was a bit of a calf muscle seizure. But that is no big deal – I can run through that. So I am thrilled that I can continue my training

However, I am not expecting such miraculous results. I’m sure the last two weeks have slowed me down a bit. Initially I was hoping for anywhere between 4hrs to 4hrs30mins. Now I’m thinking it might be closer to 5hrs. Especially if I have to deal with a calf cramping issue.

So for the next few days I am going to slowly reintroduce myself to running outside and running long distances. Regardless of my finish time in a few weeks, I will be proud of my marathon accomplishment!


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