Running routes

7 Sep

So I am definitely one of those people who have to have a route planned out ahead of time that will allow me to complete a certain mileage goal. Mainly this is due to my marathon training. But I also like to know where I’m going and how long I’m going to be out. Being in a new community also forces me to look on a map so I don’t get lost. But thankfully Milton is pretty much a grid so it’s hard to get lost (thank you farming town). By now I have my routes planned out in Milton but sometimes its nice to discover new scenery. After all, one of the main reasons we get outside to run is to take in a bit of scenery and nature.

While Mark and I were vacationing back home at my family’s cottage that did not allow me to take a break from training. Being afraid of bears (yes, it’s a problem up north), Mark followed me on the four-wheeler while I ran at my own pace down the dirt road from the highway to my cottage driveway … quite a few times. Although it was repetitive, it was also peaceful (despite the sound of the four wheeler) and the trees were still so lush but just starting to turn yellow for the fall.

Every morning for three days, this is what cottagers walking their dogs or driving into town saw:

Some dude riding a four wheeler following this girl running a quiet, cottage road. In a town where not many people are runners, I’m sure Mark and I had them scratching their heads.

This new route was just stunning because I had the whole road to myself (most of the time) and could concentrate on getting my run done. It was a tough route, though, with rolling hills and unstable gravel. But it was welcoming compared to city running on the side walks breathing in vehicle exhaust.

Next time I have the opportunity to run in a different location, I will take advantage to see something new and break out of routine.


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