Chaffing, cramping and moving… oh my!

2 Aug

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. I must apologize as I lost interest and motivation when I started work in late May. Sitting in front of a computer all day and updating my blog in the evening was not appealing. Furthermore we were very busy with a move to Milton. We had to pack and get organized in a short time period of three weeks. We are all settled and actually liking this little town.

Since my last blog post

  • I finished first in my age group at the Smiths’ Falls Classic Triathlon. Natalie came with me to cheer me on. It was so lovely to spend that time together; well the drive out there and back and lunch.

  • Began seriously training for the marathon. My longest run up to date has been 20km. I have a 23km run this Saturday.
  • Moved to Milton and began to religiously visit the outdoor pool three times a week.
  • Caught the bouquet at my cousin’s wedding.

I must admit that I was in pain during that 20km run. I’ve been dealing with a pretty bad chaff under my arm. I cover it with tape every time I go out for a run (it has no time to heal). I also had some major hamstring cramping that extended to my foot. Somehow I managed to finish the run in 1hr 53min! I couldn’t believe it. That night I couldn’t keep anything down and ran to the bathroom two or three times but I’m excited to tackle the 23km run on Saturday.

Mark’s work schedule hasn’t been too bad. He does, however, wake up at 3:30am twice a week for a run because he starts work at 6:30. But Ironman Canada is approaching and we’re both extremely excited! T minus 24 days to the big event! (But who’s counting?)


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