Farmer’s market finds

10 Jun

I started my Sunday just like every Sunday: a challenging and hard brick.  30 kilometres on my bike followed by a 4km run. Hopefully that will prepare me for my triathlon on the 24th. I won’t be able to do a long workout next weekend because I am going to a cottage for my cousin’s bachelorette’s party. But that will be a story for another time.

After my brick workout, I leisurely made my way to the farmer’s market in our neighbourhood. I LOVE our neighbourhood! I will need to take pictures soon because I know I will miss it. I’m trying to savour everything about it to have as many memories as possible when we leave.

The farmer’s market is in a new location this year. The old grounds are being renovated so the market moved to a park’s grounds and it’s lovely. I love it even more than the old location. There is a lot more shade from trees and picnic tables. It even seems as though there are more vendors. When I got home I told Mark that we will be going to the farmer’s market in a few weeks to have lunch: buy a loaf of bread, some fresh fruit and spreads/dips, and dessert (there is no shortage of baked goods).

These are my farmer’s market finds: strawberries, honey, eggs, sweet potato spread and apple syrup (with my birthday flowers in the background)

Mark left early this afternoon for an overnight trip to Milton. He has a job interview in the morning. I hope things go well; I really would not mind moving to Milton. From what I’ve seen and heard, it looks like a lovely city. It’s a medium sized town with a small town feel. Well, that’s what I’m hoping it offers, anyway.

So since I was alone, I made dinner for one using the strawberries I bought today.

Strawberry and spinach grilled cheese. The strawberries made the sandwich a tad sweet.

This was my plate: potato spread and pita, grilled cheese, sweet potato and a pickle with a glass of homemade iced tea.


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