Going in blind

9 Jun

I really thought I wasn’t going to need it, but I’ve come to realize that summer running is not as pleasant without it.  I’m talking about Body Glide, of course! For any kind of chaffing, especially for the thighs, that stuff will work miracles!

I went on a 10km run this morning and the inside of my thighs were burning by kilometre 8. So when I naturally ventured into the Running Room this afternoon to invest in anti-chaffing.  Of course I bought the pink one too (not that it matters)!

I also signed up for my next triathlon – it’s called the Smith Falls Classic. I’m a little worried as it’s my first open water start of the season. I also don’t know the temperature of the water. I’m unsure whether I should wear a wetsuit or just wear a swimsuit.

Here are my thoughts:

Wetsuit benefits:

  1. More buoyancy
  2. Warmth

Wetsuit disadvantage:

  1. Never used one before
  2. Difficulty getting out

I’m hoping to go out for an open water swim tomorrow to test out the wetsuit and then I’ll decide from there.


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