Weekend in Connecticut

5 Jun

Mark and I spent the weekend in Middlebury, Connecticut where Mark competed in the Quassy halfRev distance (70.3 miles). We left Ottawa Friday around noon and arrived in the early evening.  Race-kit pick up was first on our list:

Saturday morning was quite the treat.  I made my very own waffle! I poured the batter onto the waffle maker all by myself!

Topped with some maple syrup with a side of scrambled eggs.  All that was missing was fruit – which was dessert.

After breakfast, we drove to New Haven to visit Yale. I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to visit a few libraries. Unfortunately it was raining rather heavily and then turned into a mist so once we arrived we didn’t venture too far away from our car just in case it started to pour again. I was able to visit one library: The Bass Library.

Both Mark and I had something to look at: I was in awe of the library and Mark was in awe of the fact everything was made of oak.

Sunday morning was the start of the triathlon.  Mark was feeling good and was not overly jittery. He had an excellent time of 5hours and 5minutes and finished 3rd in his age group! I am so proud of him.  He won a bronze medal and a fuel belt.

When Mark received his “winnings” there was a break in the clouds, thankfully.  There was a bit of a weather hold up because it came down like cats and dogs and made the field soggy and muddy.

This was not fun to walk in but we couldn’t escape it.  I ruined 1 pair of really cute shoes that I’m a little sad about.

Our weekend was really great but tiring. We arrived home at 11:30 on Sunday for an early rise of Monday morning to start the work week.


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