Early Bird triathlon race report

20 May

Well folks, I had my first race of the season and it couldn’t have started any better.  Here is how my day went play-by-play:

5:30 am: wake up, shower, eat breakfast (1 bagel, one half with peanut butter one half with jam), one last check of my race stuff.

6:30 am: leave for the race

6:45 am: arrive at race, pick up timing chip, get body marking, set up your spot in transition

7:00 am: begin visualizing how you will enter and exit transition

8:30 am: begin the race!

The swim started and right off the bat I had water leak into my left goggle.  Because of the early-ness of this race, the swim was in a pool. So once I had done one lap, I stopped and emptied my goggle. Then my breathing became laboured. I was almost hyperventilating in the water – taking short breaths while I was under water. Yeah, that’s not good. I swallowed some water which made me panic and unable to catch my breath. Once I got to the shallow end, I stopped, fixed my breathing and continued. For the rest of the swim, I concentrated real hard to breath correctly (which did not include trying to breath under water). I swam the 500m in 16minutes. I think if I wasn’t in a pool and stuck behind some people I could have shaved off a few minutes. I finished dead last in my age category out of the pool but I’m not complaining.

I made my way to transition feeling fine. I did not feel too dizzy or hypoxic. I ran strong and easy to transition where I was calm and took my time to get dressed. I hopped on my bike and away I went. My overall bike was good. I think I need to work on finding a good pace to start off with and work my way to a pace I can sustain over a long period of time. My downfall was perhaps starting too strong. To bike 23.6k took me 43minutes.

The run is always pretty tough coming off the bike. My legs felt heavy and my whole body was stiff. The course was also not too great. It was on grass, on trails and pretty hilly. So it was a difficult course. But once I settled into a good pace, I was able to follow another racer and finished my run of 5k in 25 minutes. I am very satisfied about that.

So overall, my time was 1hr 26 minutes and placed 2nd in my age category. That means I overtook 6 spots in the bike and run from 8th to 2nd at the end. I am very happy with these results – clearly, hard work pays off!

After the race, Mark, my parents and I enjoyed an awesome brunch at a local “hispter” pub. All the food is as local and fresh as possible. I had a fried egg sandwich : )

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