Race day prep tips

17 May

Race day prep should start a day or an evening before your event. There are a few things you should do as a participant to make sure you are ready to perform at your best and not stress out the morning of the race.

Here are a few tips to get you through race day prep:

  1. Think ahead of your pre-race supper (the day before) and breakfast (the morning of)
    – Make sure you eat something your gastrointestinal system can handle
    – Eat a basic carbo meal the night before; nothing with too many spices or greasy fat
    – Breakfast should consist of something filling but nutritious (i.e. white bagel with jam or peanut butter and a piece of fruit)
    – Drink lots of water
    – Do not try to eat all your carbs the day of your race. By that time, you should have all your carbs stored
  2. Lay out all your clothes and other items you will need to bring the morning of your race
    – It may be useful to write a list of everything you wish to bring and pack them all before you go to bed
  3. Make sure you get your race bib the evening or day before the race
    -Most races offer day-of race kit pick up but you take the risk of panicking and stressing to get everything in order (especially if there is an error with your registration – best to get that all fixed the day before)
  4. Visualize your outcome of the race
    – This helps athletes of all levels find a bit of zen before the gun goes off
  5. After the race: if you have friends or family cheering you on, make sure you have a meeting spot after you cross the finish line.

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