All about water

4 May

The last 20 minutes of my weekly Triathlon Training Program is dedicated to yoga. Last night as we were finishing up our yoga session, we had the beautifully calming sound of the rain.  It has been awfully rainy and foggy in Ottawa – but such is spring in the Capital. It seems like everything needs water to regenerate and grow.

I received a wonderful gift when I finished my work placement at the University of Ottawa: a Camelbak water bottle!

This water bottle carries 750ml and has a handy straw. I have not used a straw in years! I forgot how much  fun and convenient it is to drink from one.

It is so convenient that I find that I might be drinking too much water. Is that possible?  I fill it twice during my day at work which adds up to 1.5L. Then I drink maybe another glass or two with supper and during the evening which is about another litre.

I don’t think I’m over hydrating as I drink that water over a span of 8-10 hours.  We all know the benefits of drinking water, especially for women as our bodies are 50% water. But what about the dangers of over hydration: hyponatremia.

Hyponatremia occurs when a person drinks so much water that the sodium levels in her/his body cannot replenish quick enough. It’s important to pay attention to the amount of water one is drinking because the symptoms of hyponatremia are the same as dehydration: headache, nausea, confusion, fatigue, vomiting. This can be very dangerous.

It’s important to drink water before a work out as well as during and after your work out. But the initial hydration before the work out will fuel cells and blood to help you through. But depending on the intensity and duration of your work out, it is ideal to bring water or sports drink with you.

Christmas seems to have arrived early for Mark. As we arrived to the studio last night, there were triathlon and running magazines piled on the steps.  Apparently, our head coach wanted to get rid of it all.  Mark grabbed a whole pack (roughly 20 magazines) and I only took 1 magazine. Of course, I will read them all in the weeks to come.


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