Hormones, running, and lunch

28 Apr

We all have those off days.  You know, the ones where it takes forever for your heart rate to rise and get into a comfortable stride.  Yeah, totally experienced that this morning – on one of the hillyest  areas of the National Capital Region: Gatineau Park.  My run start slow and my breathing was excessively labored.  The reason for this difficulty, I suspect, is hormones.  Women love to blame everything on hormones and I am doing that today.  I just read an article about running and hormones in The Complete Book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchik where she explains that our hormones work in three phases: menstural, follicular and luteal.

The luteal phase is the fourteen days before your period. In the latter seven days, your body is prepping for menstruation so it is very likely to feel sluggish and unmotivated during this time.  Dr. Constance Lebrun explains that your running economy decreases in the latter half of the luteal phase so it becomes more difficult to run at a certain pace.  During this time, however, your ability to store glycogen and to burn fats increase so you should have better endurance. Of course, all of this depends on each individual women. Many women, myself included, notice a boost of energy during the first few days of their menstruation when running. Therefore this is another good reason why you should listen and understand your body.

The run was up the “mountains” of Gatineau Park – beautiful in the summer and the fall. It was pretty cold as my attire will demonstrate

I was done my run before Mark – he did 25k, I did 6k. So I had lots of time to walk around and take some photos.

This was my favourite.

Despite the 0kay run of 6km, I convinced Mark to drive up to Old Chelsea and have lunch at a local café.

This cafe is a vegetarian cafe in the heart of Old Chelsea at the base of Gatineau Park.

I had a “grilled” croissant with onions, roasted red pepper topped with a slice of swiss chess and tomato-basil soup.

Everything was so fresh, delicious and flavourful. An overall lovely lunch.

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