Not your average meat and potatoes

22 Apr

Mark and I had an old friend over for dinner last night. For the life of me, I couldn’t decide what to cook. Our friend does not have a very adventurous palate and he is, very plainly, a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. So, I did not want to risk making something with tons of different flavours and ingredients for fear of it going to waste. This is when I took out my trusty LooneySpoons cook book!  Those two women, Janet and Greta, make meals that are so simple but are still full of flavour and as low-cal as possible. I knew I wanted to have a meal that was as plain as meat and potatoes but wouldn’t be dry and dull.  This is what I found: a glazed roast beef and cheezy roasted potatoes.

My wonderful spread of roast  beef, potatoes, steamed veggies and wine.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday evening meal as much as I did : )

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