Weekend Re-Cap

15 Apr

I have many loves. I am passionate about many things. Two of my loves are: history and books/libraries. So what happens when I find something that combines all three? I am doubly in love and am consumed by it.  I recently stumbled upon a book at my public library entitled “The Swerve: How the World Became Modern” By Stephen Greenblatt.

This is a non-fiction public history book on a medieval book hunter named Poggio.  He happens upon a book that was forgotten for hundreds of year in a monastic library. It is the turning point in the events for the medieval humanists who re-claim a love for all things ancient Greek and Roman. So, at the moment I am very enthralled with this book. It is easily written so anyone can understand it. There are many references to ancient scholars but the author provides enough background about the person so the reader is not completely lost in a sea of unpronounceable names. The author includes a lot of primary source quotes which is great. Lastly, the chapters covers enough information that the load is not heavy.

I spent my Saturday afternoon at a coaching/mentoring seminar with the Ottawa Triathlon Club. We discussed the creation of training programs, how to interact with the athlete and how a training program should progress.  We covered a lot of Powerpoint slides but there are a few quotes that really stuck with me that I found were important for any athlete to keep in mind.

1) There’s the ideal [training program]; and then there’s life.
2) Lifestyle first (family, friends, school, work); triathlon second.
3) There are many ways to cross the finish line. The best way is to do it together.

So those quotes focus on the individual’s personal life and stress the importance of staying grounded.  When training for any kind of event, it is important to keep those around you happy. It’s important to keep that support system around you so you can share your success and, unfortunately sometimes, your failures. Personal relationships define us as individuals and it is so important to keep your loved ones close. The quotes also focus on community.  They encourage the creation of a community or a network of people you can talk to and refer any kind of information to. Although triathlon is not complicated the science, techniques, training and nutrition can be rocket science. So have a network of friends that you can talk to about any concerns that come up. It is also nice to train with a friend – so its encouraged to find someone with the same fitness and goals to collaborate in work outs.

This afternoon, I’m sitting in on a triathlon seminar provided by the Ottawa Triathlon Club. I am looking forward to meeting new people and gaining new knowledge that I can use while training and out on the course.


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