Easter Road Trip to the North

8 Apr

Mark, Jeff and I made the long drive to Timmins Thursday afternoon.  We made the quick trip to visit family and friends as we don’t know when we’ll be able to back up north.  We had two lovely dinners with family and friends.  Friday night, we had my parents and Mark’s mom for dinner.  It was a completely vegetarian meal that was tasty and flavourful.

Saturday we had a bbq at Mark’s house. We also introduced Jeff to the outside. We tied him to a leash and he was very confused.

So as you can see, Jeff is our cat.  He is quite the character.  Only an indoor, apartment cat – we brought him outside while we bbq’d and he had so many distractions he didn’t know where or what to explore first. So this was the result in the car the next day on our way back to Ottawa:

He was pretty tuckered out. He slept half of the trip between Mark and I on top of the emergency break (I don’t know how comfortable that could have been).

So training took a bit of a back seat this weekend.  I did two work outs but they were not very intensive but I ran for 20 mins both days and did 20 mins of weight training.  I spent a lot of time with my mom so that meant shopping! I was impressed when I fit in a size 6 pants (yay me!). I bought a few outfits for work (as I no longer have any nice clothes that fit). I’m starting a three week placement on Tuesday so I would like to look presentable.

Two more days until the end of the 10lb shred.  Final weigh-in and measurements on Tuesday and I’m totally ready!


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