Remember: you will have bad days … and that’s ok.

31 Mar

I was really looking forward to my 5k run this morning. I wanted to work on hills and I just generally felt good this morning. I did not have to fight with myself to get ready (which is a rarity) so I thought I was going to have a good run.  My goodness, I was so wrong!

My first kilometre is uphill and within 400m, my forearms and calves were screaming and my breathing was extremely laboured. However, I continued. I could have easily turned around and go home. To  add to the way my body felt, the weather was terrible. It was windy (wind coming out of the north) and the temperature was about -5C. Once I crested the hill and continued, my run got a bit better. I warmed up (slightly) but my run improved and my muscles relaxed.

Then as I crested my third and final hill, my body just stopped.  I was getting really bad cramps on my right side. So bad that I had to stop running.  So I walked down half of the hill and ran the last half.  I had to walk a little bit more and finally ran the last 800m.

When running my last 800m, I had to talk to myself to find some positivity and this is what I told myself:

1) You’re going to have bad days and that’s ok! You can’t predict how you’re body will act the day  of a race. So it’s important to experience bad training days so you can pull from your experience bank the day of your race.

2) Even if you’re having a bad day, continue your route.  Put in the distance – no matter how long it takes you. Even if its cold, gray and rainy and your body is not cooperating – it’s important to just finish.

3) Remember this moment! Remember how you are feeling and overcome it.

Overall, not a good run but very happy I went out there and put in the distance.


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