March Madness!

23 Mar

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in five days! Life has been so hectic here: I have barely had time for  myself. I am nearing my end of school term and the end of my program so assignments are due, get-togethers are planned, government language testing, work projects (my term there is almost done as well) and Ottawa Triathlon Club events need to be organized. The weather has been so lovely as well that I’ve had to take advantage to bike and run outside. Ottawa has been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures (i.e. +24C) and it’s been so lovely! I was able to take a break from homework a few minutes to have a cup of tea on my balcony one evening to watch the sunset.

Despite the urge to lay on the grass and soak up the sun or the sit on a patio with a beer, I have stayed pretty true to the 10lb Shred. I will not input my meals for the last few days as they are pretty similar to the first six days. I have to say I’m not really doing his workouts as I do my own that fit my training.

I had a really good run Tuesday morning that was mainly hills.  The route was about 6k with half uphill. I felt good and my lungs were also agreeing so it was an overall satisfying run. This weekend I will focus on running and swimming. Unfortunately my swimming has been neglected in all of this last weeks craziness.

I am submitting a marketing project and presenting it in front of clients today (which has been what most of the craziness has been). I’m not so nervous about presenting; I’m nervous to let my group members down. They have all worked so hard on the marketing assignment, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work with great team members!

This passed week has taught me to better manage my time and to just breathe. I was often out of my comfort zone – some things I just can’t change but I have to suck it up and deal with it.


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