Superhero stories

15 Mar

Someone recently recommended to me a book called The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I’ve only read through a few chapters but so far, it’s a great read. It’s about 2 cousins, one from Prague and the other from Brooklyn. Josef Kavalier, from Prague flees the country during the early months of the German occupation of Czech to live with his aunt and cousin in New York. Kavalier, a young escapist prodigy (during the wonder years of Houdini) is quite the visual artist as well.  So far, I’m learning about Kavalier’s past but from what I know. Both cousins create a a superhero named The Escapist who becomes as popular as Superman.

Michael Chabon writes with such ease and describes everything so beautifully.  His words are almost poetic in the sense that he does not use use just any word – it has to be the right one to fit the context.  The read is a little heavy but the story is easy to understand.

I can’t wait to get farther into this book – I can tell, it’s gonna get good!

Now onto my day 6 (almost a week!)

Breakfast: 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cranberries, 1 tsp honey (I know, I know – but it’s my favourite!)
Snack: 1/4 cup cottage, 1 apple diced
Lunch: Chicken wrap (I roasted a chicken the other day and saved it’s meat for sandwiches)
1/2 red pepper and 2 celery stalks with humus (2 tbsps)
Supper: 1 1/2 left over chili
Snack: 1 orange

I seem to be trying to become my own superhero in the last few months: working 2 jobs, school full-time, triathlon training, and keeping a social life. Which is why tonight I am taking the night off from working out. I need tonight to get my assignments organized, relax with my book, and listen to the calming rain.


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